Chiropractic Care in St. George, MO

Napute Wellness Center St. George, MO focuses primarily on providing unmatched and effective Neurological or brain based chiropractic care to individuals in St. George, MO.

The unique methods and techniques applied during service by our clinic is clear from the astounding results, recovery reports, progress stories and testimonials of individuals who have undergone our facility's chiropractic treatment within St. George, MO and beyond. There is no doubt of the vast number of patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, who have sought our unrivalled chiropractic care.

Our standard of treatment and service delivery is excellent for newborn patients, expecting mothers, kids, adults, professional athletes, corporate individuals and the elderly who need chiropractic care near them.

Chiropractic Care in St. George, MO

What is Brain Based Therapy?

Brain Based Therapy is a corrective chiropractic procedure using a remarkable and equally powerful natural based holistic healing technique. It is used to restore individuals to an optimum state of health by starting with the brain, called the master organ, which serves as the control center for the entire body, controlling every organ, tissue and the entire autonomic nervous system (composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) as well as reactions to stress and behaviors.

Chiropractic Care in St. George, MO

Our Chiropractic Capabilities

Chiropractic care contrary to popular belief, extends beyond the "neck and back pain" treatment category of which it has been confined to. This false categorization has limited chiropractors in their ability to perform other services within their capabilities or scope of practice.

Our team of highly experienced Chiropractors in St. George, MO have been being adequately trained to deal with neuromuscular skeletal problems and other sensory issues beyond just neck and back pain, as some issues experienced by a lot of individuals may be caused by osteoarthritis, degeneration of the spine, disc issues, sciatic nerve issues, etc.

Our techniques focus on providing quality treatments with little or less pain during the procedure, while improving the patient's quality of life with no need for opioid or medication's. We use a variety of treatment methods including chiropractic manipulation, chiropractic mobilization and sensory-based modalities for effective treatment of lumbar herniated disc for radiculopathy, neck pain, among other conditions to bring about improvements in health such as autism and learning disorders, movement and balance disorders, developmental disorders, chronic pain and neuropathy, headaches and migraines, head injuries and strokes, nerve injuries etc.

Why you need Chiropractic Therapy?

We highly recommend chiropractic therapy as it is best known for correcting the hidden causes of symptoms and pain, rather than just targeting the plain symptoms. Chiropractic treatment also helps to improve body posture and protect the spine from future degeneration as the long-term risks of avoiding treatment may include chronic pain, discomfort, difficulty with mobility, migraines, neuropathy, etc. In plain terms, if the structures of the body are not in optimal working condition, they will not function properly resulting in pain and discomfort.